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Acupuncture Revisited
and the FIT Test


Dr. Tad's book is a must-read for business owners and managers, HR specialists, and anyone craving a new perspective on American health care.


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At Centers for Integrative Medicine and Healing we do not differentiate between the mind, body, and spirit. Our treatments follow the ancient strategies of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine integrated with modern health care technology and healing practices.

All medical concerns have root causes and branch symptoms. We work to alleviate the branch symptoms, but at the same time we treat the root causes. Each treatment integrates the physical, emotional, and spiritual conditions of the whole person.

Our philosophy is simple. We believe that our innate intelligence is inherently benevolent and knows what we need to do in order to be happy, healthy, and well. However, that wisdom is often blocked by disharmony and energetic imbalance within our bodies, manifesting as illness, disease, or disabling habits.

Tune in to Dr. Tad every Saturday as he joins producer and award winning radio host Patricia Raskin for a weekly wellness feature on the Patricia Raskin Positive Living™ radio show.

Dr. Tad Sztykowski appeared on NBC 10's "Business Talk" to explain how eastern medicine can save on health costs.

Preventative Medicine and Healthcare Reform:
President Obama on Acupuncture

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